Say No To Migraine Headaches

The migraine condition affects more than 12% of the western population with more than two thirds of sufferers being females. There has been much discussion over the possible influence of hormones in triggering and causing the migraine problem, but there are still no conclusive medical findings which can clearly define the causes and processes of migraines.

It is known that migraines are usually associated with particular 'sensitivities' in individuals to foods, environmental factors or emotional states. When these individuals are exposed to their particular sensitivities, it is thought that the release of a hormone called serotonin may be the cause of the migraine onset.

Studies have thus suggested that since it is not clear that migraines have a definite cause which makes an individual proned to the sudden release of the hormone serotonin, migraines are best treated using both symptomatic and also preventative medications. Doctors with migraine patients will often prescribe several medications for migraines which may include Triptans, Beta-Blockers and also OTC and prescription pain-killers. Migraine patients will also often be advised to take supplements of magnesium and co-enzyme Q10 and also riboflavin to help combat the onset of migraines and the intensity of the attacks.

Other options for migraine sufferers wishing to escape their condition include regular exercise, healthy eating, herbal supplements, with butterbur & feverfew being the most effective herbal remedy commonly known. Also acupuncture, massage, chiropractic and other general well-being therapies can assist in the treatment of the condition.

Migraines are a lifestyle condition. The migraine condition is still a very mysterious illness and it has not been around forever. People living in more primitive cultures or cultures with a more wholistic understanding of human needs, do not suffer any incidences of the migraine condition. Migraines are brought on by lifestyle choices which deviate from the normal human standards which our bodies expect. Our bodies want us to exercise every day, to get stronger, stay active, eat healthy foods and clean water and to stay in environments that are hospitible with clean air and good, supportive releationships with other people. Unfortunately the advances of technology and industry seem to have forgotten about some of the most basic human, instinctual and biological needs. Most people today have poor nutrition, don't drink enough clean water, don't exercise at all, sit in an office for hours of the day with compromised posture and again sit in front of the TV for hours each day, mesmerized by the cathode-ray monitor which spits out ionized electrons into their living environment.

This description is only the beginning of a wide host of problems which are contributing to higher rates of illness in our society and even newly formed illnesses such as diabesity, lukemia, Parkinson's disease and many others. If you want to say NO to migraines in your life, then live a balanced lifestyle. If you want to live a balanced lifestyle with minimal change effects on your current lifestyle, then a formulated success plan is ready for you. Grab your copy of The Migraine Solution today >> Click here.


Disclaimer: None of the information on this site is to be constituted as personal or medical advice. If you are experiencing migraines you are strongly advised to see your doctor. Risks of The Migraine Solution: As with any form of treatment, there are associated risks with The Migraine Solution program. Some of the treatment methods described may cause mouth irritation/ulcers, anticoagulation of the blood and possible allergic reactions. Although these symptoms are relatively rare, it is a legal requirement that I advise of these possible risks.

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