Living With Headaches

Headaches can be an annoyance at the best of times and can be completely disabling at their worst. If you are someone who suffers from regular headaches, you may want to look at a host of different factors in your lifestyle which might be contributing or even causing your headaches.

The first step you will want to take when assessing the situation of your headaches is to find out what kind of headache you are dealing with. Is it a general (common) headache, is it a cluster headache, or is it a migraine headache? Discuss your symptoms in detail with your doctor, but also do your own research to find out what type of headache is affecting your life.

Once you understand what type of headache is in fact the culprit, you need to take informed action to prevent the headache from re-occurring. You will most likely feel the need to get hold of as much medication as possible to desperately try and relieve the symptoms of your condition (depending on how much it interferes with your life). What you must, however, keep in mind when you are trying to treat your headaches is that the human body, does not naturally cause headaches for no reason. That is, there is some underlying cause for your headaches which is most likely some aspect of your physical, nutritional or environmental lifestyle.

You should discuss with your health professional possible allergies which cause your headaches, nutritional and mineral deficiencies, environmental factors (where do you normally have headaches and what is the environment like - is there air conditioning, hazardous fumes or any other notable factor).

Some other questions you should ask yourself are:

Really get down to the core reasons which might be causing your headaches. This is the only effective way to make a real difference in your life with headaches - get down to the root cause of the headache and solve the problems.


Step 1. Identify your headache type.

Step 2. Identify the likely physical, nutritional and environmental factors which may be forming a "root cause" to your headache.

Step 3. Treat the root cause by every possible means.


Disclaimer: None of the information on this site is to be constituted as personal or medical advice. If you are experiencing migraines you are strongly advised to see your doctor. Risks of The Migraine Solution: As with any form of treatment, there are associated risks with The Migraine Solution program. Some of the treatment methods described may cause mouth irritation/ulcers, anticoagulation of the blood and possible allergic reactions. Although these symptoms are relatively rare, it is a legal requirement that I advise of these possible risks.

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